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Sinister Expeditions:
Journey into the Unknown Abyss

In the eerie realm of horror gaming, a sinister truth emerged: games were immersive nightmares, not mere pastimes. Amidst shadows, a master of the sinister surfaced, transforming gameplay into a chilling narrative. A tale of terror unfolded, enveloping players in haunting experiences, making fear not just observed but lived—a nightmare lingering long after the game's end.

Your Nightmare


Simone Gatto

Game Designer

"I'm working with John-Henri on the creation of soundtracks for some video games that my team has in the works, and the collaboration with him is absolutely exciting.

John-Henri is very professional, has an impeccable artistic sensitivity and the ability to musically interpret my narrative ideas instantly.


What is impressive is his versatility and the repertoire of genres in which he moves easily, but above all the high quality of his music and the sounds he creates.


My experience with Imperial Dawn Audio is the best I've ever had in the field of music composition and sounds."

Will Fernandes

Creative Director
Game Designer

"Working alongside John-Henri has been an absolute pleasure. His remarkable talent as a composer is truly outstanding.


His keen attention to detail is evident in your work, reflecting his dedication to perfection. Not only is he skilled, but his amiable nature makes collaboration a delightful and funny experience.


John's commitment to his craft and his affable personality make him not just a wonderful professional to work with, but also a fantastic individual to know.


I highly recommend John Henri for anyone seeking a talented composer and amazing person."

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