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Action Adventure

Adventure Nexus:
Tales of Odyssey

In the realm of immersive adventures, there existed a profound understanding: video games were not just played; they were lived. In this world, where imagination intertwined with reality, a skilled artisan emerged. Their mastery of music, combined with a deep understanding of games, transformed ordinary gameplay into an extraordinary narrative. With every note, a unique tale unfolded, crafting an exclusive experience, where players didn't just witness the story; they became a part of it, creating memories destined to echo through the ages.

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Reece Newman

Game Designer

Working with John-Henri at Imperial Dawn Audio is one of the highlights of my Game Design and Development journey so far.


He really gets me excited about the
work and creating a holistic experience for players to enjoy! His passion and drive inspires oneself to push harder and fuels the fire within.

The quality of the music delivered is impeccable! John-Henri really draws out the emotion in the music and turns it into an experience.


Imperial Dawn Audio has been very professional, while being kind and easy to work with.

Really a fantastic experience!

Joel H

Mosava LLC

"John-Henri was great to work with. I could have gone with just buying some sounds and background effects but I wanted something more custom and John-Henri helped me achieve that. I am grateful for the work that he put in and I know who I can turn to in the future for my game's sound requests."

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