Custom Game Music

An immersive experience for your video game.

Video games are an enhancement of imaginative experience, a world to immerse yourself in and we understand the importance of immersive sound and music to bring that world to life. It is important that your game has its own identifying experience. We don't want a game to simply be played, but rather experienced. With the skill and talent of music creation in cohesion with the understanding of video games, we create an exclusive experience with a firm identity when playing your game.


Film Music

Enhanced narrative for your film.

Film provides an experience with emotive story and a captivating experience. All roles part of a film, director, cinematographer, costume designers etc. are needed to tell the story. Partnered with the visual team, the sound and music is an essential part in creating a connection.


Story and experience is what defines a film. We can provide an experience in developing a sound that is singular to your film. Our passion lies with the enhancement of the narrative experience through augmenting emotional relativity with music.