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Fog and Nature

Our Journey

This team has loved video games and movies as it is an extension of our imagination. Experiencing sophistication in an environment that is relatable but just out of reality is the pinnacle of imaginative experiences. We are passionate about story and decided to take on this ambition of sharing the experience.

John-Henri has always been musical and explored through piano-performance from a young age. Quite late in his life he realised that performing others' music is not what he was passionate about but rather creating his own music. Through his discovery of music composition and production he honed in on his skills, mastering the art of music creation for video games and films.

Kimberley-Dawn is passionate about creative processes, from where something starts and how it progresses to the final destination. She has always had a passion for making an impact in people's lives and as a dedicated gamer, she understands and values how video games contribute to emotional and mental health.

Our ambition and passion for games has brought us together in flourishing the common goal of sharing experiences that may impact others positively.


We are passionate about story, experience and emotional connection. We empathise and value perspective, creating a warm-welcomed yet professional experience.
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The Team


Lead Composer and Founder


John-Henri is the lead creative and the founder of our company. He will personally deal with your projects and ensure quality is met with expectation. His experience of nearly a decade allows for a proficient workflow along with high-standards.

Operations Manager


Kimberley-Dawn will allow for a smooth process from the point of a project request to the delivery of the final product. Her financial and business management background gives our creative team the peace of mind to focus on your projects.

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